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Author Topic: Captain Tsubasa Ougon Sedai no Chousen [GKTJA4]  (Read 2918 times)
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« on: March 25, 2014, 02:03:38 AM »

all players infinite stamina [wiiztec]
04060C30 60000000
040B33E0 38A00064
04060C28 38000064
04060C44 38000064
0406005C 38000064
040606E4 38000064

Max Strength [Cyber Action Replay]
0286BDDA 00002710

Max Motivation [Cyber Action Replay]
0286BDDC 00002710

Max Condition [Cyber Action Replay]
0286BDDE 00002710

Max Paul [Cyber Action Replay]
0286BDE0 00002710

Max Reliability of Team [Cyber Action Replay]
0286BDF0 00002710

Max Evaluation [Cyber Action Replay]
0286BDEE 00002710

Max Movement Speed [Cyber Action Replay]
0286BDC6 00002710

Max Shooting [Cyber Action Replay]
0286BDC8 00002710

Max Capacity A [Cyber Action Replay]
0286BDCA 00002710

Max Capacity B [Cyber Action Replay]
0286BDCC 00002710

Max Dribbling [Cyber Action Replay]
0286BDCE 00002710

Max Passing [Cyber Action Replay]
0286BDD0 00002710

Max High Strength [Cyber Action Replay]
0286BDD2 00002710

MAX Force [Cyber Action Replay]
0286BDD4 00002710

Max Judgment [Cyber Action Replay]
0286BDD6 00002710

Max Concentration [Cyber Action Replay]
0286BDD8 00002710

Max Wide Capacity [Cyber Action Replay]
0286BDC6 00002710
0886BDC8 27102710
20060001 00000000
0286BDE0 00002710
0286BDEE 00002710
0286BDF0 00002710

Good Body Stats [Cyber Action Replay]
0286BDE2 00000000
0486BDE4 00000000
0486BDE8 00000000
0286BDEC 00000000

Nirvana Acquisition [Cyber Action Replay]
0086BE01 00000006
0086BE02 00000042
0086BE03 00000000

james can you add the CAR codes to the database with credit to them?

If there's any code at all that you want to be button activated, or even able to toggle on & off, and I have the game, just PM me and I'll make it happen
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