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Title: Captain Tsubasa Ougon Sedai no Chousen [GKTJA4]
Post by: wiiztec on March 25, 2014, 02:03:38 AM

all players infinite stamina [wiiztec]
04060C30 60000000
040B33E0 38A00064
04060C28 38000064
04060C44 38000064
0406005C 38000064
040606E4 38000064

Max Strength [Cyber Action Replay]
0286BDDA 00002710

Max Motivation [Cyber Action Replay]
0286BDDC 00002710

Max Condition [Cyber Action Replay]
0286BDDE 00002710

Max Paul [Cyber Action Replay]
0286BDE0 00002710

Max Reliability of Team [Cyber Action Replay]
0286BDF0 00002710

Max Evaluation [Cyber Action Replay]
0286BDEE 00002710

Max Movement Speed [Cyber Action Replay]
0286BDC6 00002710

Max Shooting [Cyber Action Replay]
0286BDC8 00002710

Max Capacity A [Cyber Action Replay]
0286BDCA 00002710

Max Capacity B [Cyber Action Replay]
0286BDCC 00002710

Max Dribbling [Cyber Action Replay]
0286BDCE 00002710

Max Passing [Cyber Action Replay]
0286BDD0 00002710

Max High Strength [Cyber Action Replay]
0286BDD2 00002710

MAX Force [Cyber Action Replay]
0286BDD4 00002710

Max Judgment [Cyber Action Replay]
0286BDD6 00002710

Max Concentration [Cyber Action Replay]
0286BDD8 00002710

Max Wide Capacity [Cyber Action Replay]
0286BDC6 00002710
0886BDC8 27102710
20060001 00000000
0286BDE0 00002710
0286BDEE 00002710
0286BDF0 00002710

Good Body Stats [Cyber Action Replay]
0286BDE2 00000000
0486BDE4 00000000
0486BDE8 00000000
0286BDEC 00000000

Nirvana Acquisition [Cyber Action Replay]
0086BE01 00000006
0086BE02 00000042
0086BE03 00000000

james can you add the CAR codes to the database with credit to them?