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Author Topic: [Request] Megaman X Command Mission  (Read 1802 times)

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« on: September 27, 2010, 07:48:11 PM »

I'd like to get some help porting codes for this. What I'm trying to do is take the CodeJunkies codes for Megaman and Zero and decrypting them to see what changes for characters. I've found a site with all character codes but it's for the PAL version seeing as the US codes only have 2 playable characters in their database. I'll put in the Megaman and Zero Codes US and PAL to show the difference between the two and I'm hoping somebody can help port the rest over from PAL.

Megaman Max/Infinite LE (USA)
05D2DD17 08000000
0459E3D4 0000270F
0459E3D8 0000270F
0459E3DC 0000270F

Megaman Max/Infinite WE (USA)
05D2DD18 08000000
0459E3E0 0000270F
0459E3E4 0000270F

Megaman Max/Infinite LE (PAL)
07FC356A 18000000
044A2CB4 0000270F
044A2CB8 0000270F
044A2CBC 0000270F

Megaman Max/Infinite WE (PAL)
07FC356B 18000000
044A2CC0 0000270F
044A2CC4 0000270F

Zero Max/Infinite LE (USA)
05D2DD1E 08000000
0459E4A8 0000270F
0459E4AC 0000270F
0459E4B0 0000270F

Zero Max/Infinite WE (USA)
05D2DD1F 08000000
0459E4B4 0000270F
0459E4B8 0000270F

Zero Max/Infinite LE (PAL)
07FC3573 18000000
044A2D88 0000270F
044A2D8C 0000270F
044A2D90 0000270F

Zero MAx/Infinite WE (PAL)
07FC3574 18000000
044A2D94 0000270F
044A2D98 0000270F

Here's the PAL the unported.

Axl Max/Infinite LE
07FC357C 18000000
044A31AC 0000270F
044A31B0 0000270F
044A31B4 0000270F

Axl Max/Infinite WE
07FC357D 18000000
044A31B8 0000270F
044A31BC 0000270F

Spider Max/Infinite LE
07FC3585 18000000
044A2E5C 0000270F
044A2E60 0000270F
044A2E64 0000270F

Spider Max/Infinite WE
07FC3586 18000000
044A2E68 0000270F
044A2E6C 0000270F

Massimo Max/Infinite LE
07FC358E 18000000
044A2F30 0000270F
044A2F34 0000270F
044A2F38 0000270F

Massimo Max/Infinite WE
07FC358F 18000000
044A2F3C 0000270F
044A2F40 0000270F

Marino Max/Infinite LE
07FC3597 18000000
044A3004 0000270F
044A3008 0000270F
044A300C 0000270F

Marino Max/Infinite WE
07FC3598 18000000
044A3010 0000270F
044A3014 0000270F

Cinnamon Max/Infinite LE
07FC35A0 18000000
044A30D8 0000270F
044A30DC 0000270F
044A30E0 0000270F

Cinnamon Max/Infinite WE
07FC35A0 18000000
044A30E4 0000270F
044A30E8 0000270F

Edit: Nevermind I think I managed to figure out how to convert. I'll leave the list up in case anybody wants to convert them for others. I forgot to mention that the codes are only decrypted AR and not WiiRD.
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