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Author Topic: Action Replay for Gamecube  (Read 4921 times)
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« on: September 08, 2010, 12:47:41 PM »

Hi guys:

I am summing this up for now as I got many questions over time about the typical question:
a) How can I use my Gamecube Action Replay on Wii?
b) Can I still enter codes.

Can I still enter codes in the Action Replays with the logo "Works on Wii" on them?
Defenitely no. All of those are Action Replays of version 1.20. They are unable to accept new codes thus you cannot add any new to them. Sorry.

What if it does not carry that image?
Dangerous! Many of them are 1.20 since basically Datel kinda ignored the Gamecube in the end.

I have a pre-1.20 Action replay. Does it work?
I have 1.06, 1.08, 1.09 and 1.14 - all of those work! I am also quite sure I saw a working 1.18. So I assume every version except 1.20 works.

I see an AR on eBay - no more packaging remains. Can the seller check if it is an old version without inserting it (if his Cube is broken or so)?
Yes, (s)he can. He only needs to flip the disc and look at the inner ring of it. It should read like ACTION REPLAY V109 - that would mean 1.09 - a safe version!

Can I use those old versions on my unmodified Wii?
If your Wii is upgraded to 3.0 or higher (which probably every Wii by now is) - no!

Can I modify it to run them?
Yes. You essentially need a compatible modchip overwriting the game name of the Action Replay (Wiikeys for example) or a cMIOS. Or: you can also install an old MIOS - just unless you use update blockers your Wii will update MIOS as soon as you insert a recent disc game.

I have a cMIOS/old MIOS/compatible modchip. My Wii says it cannot read the disc - it does not even offer the option to start. What's wrong?
You probably have a European or Japanese Wii. The Action Replay had a North American region code. Due to the included FreeLoader it was able to convince a Gamecube to run a foreign region game (the FreeLoader is enabled before the Action Replay even boots, you only need to insert it). The Wii does not fall to that trick! As of such you will need a way to run region-free games - if your modchip allows that, you can use its option, otherwise you have multiple options. Preloader/Priiloader, Gecko OS, whatever - any way to run an import game disc. As long as your MIOS accepts the disc it can be started!

Anything else?
Nope, I think that covers all things you need to know about the Action Replay for Gamecube nowadays!

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