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Author Topic: Setting up/using Gecko OS Mod (For Gamecube code use)  (Read 2857 times)
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« on: June 20, 2010, 03:16:46 PM »

A tutoral I decided to make, it's not very good in quality though. You need two of these applications (there are older versions, I recomend the two newer versions of the four):,5823.0.html. You also trucha bug, google that and download it on your sd card. Get all the files ready on your sd card and your ready for the tutoral.

Read first: When it asks for which IOS to load in trucha bug and mios patcher select IOS236. If you don't get the files needed for trucha, you can download it fron NUS, same with mios patcher. In trucha apply yes to every question before you download it. Lastly make sure it's on patch for homebrew in the mios patcher.

I will try to make a better video later. Your welcome.  Smiley
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