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Author Topic: FAQ: Super Smash Bros. Brawl (RSB?)  (Read 7410 times)
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« on: August 16, 2008, 11:06:40 PM »

Q: Why don't the codes work for me?

A: It's a general problem for all games, but it's more so for Brawl, since it's one of the most popular games on this board. Simply put, check your version number. When starting the game via the cheat program, you should be able to see the game ID. If not, check the box. There should be something like RVL-RSB?-???. Remember that:

RSBJ - Japanese codes
RSBE - US codes
RSBP - PAL codes

Q: Where do I post? / Which posts go where?

A: For new codes, post in the aforementioned threads.

For support on US codes, like showcase videos, screenshots, or bug report, or even help on certain codes, only post in the Support thread.

For requests, post in the Request board. However, for US codes post in the stickied thread, to keep the board clean.

Q: These cheats borked my game! / It crashes my Luigi's Mansion or any other stage!

A: You should have backed your save up with the Save Extractor. If that advice came a little late, the easy solution is to use the music fixer code for the stage that got borked. They can be found in the threads mentioned earlier.

So, say your Luigi's Mansion won't work. Simply go to the proper thread and apply the Luigi's Mansion Fixer / Luigi's Mansion My Music Reset code.

Q: <insert cheat code> borked my game, don't use it!

A: Stop going on the internet please.

Q: Which codes bork the game?

A: It's hard to tell. Some say it's the Giga Bowser code or the Infinite Item code or the stage builder codes. It's not certain, but then again, you should have just backed up the game before using these codes.

However, I can tell you some things:

  • It's not the Giga Bowser code itself, since it only edits the match data.
  • This does not mean the result of using the Giga Bowser doesn't bork the game either. In fact, there are strong hints that finishing an actual match or even just passing the results screen can cause corruption of the My Music data.
  • It's not any of the character modifiers, since they, again, only edit the match data.
  • It's not any of the match modifiers, like Pok√©mon / Assist Trophy modifiers.
  • Basically anything within the following ranges are harmless:
    JP: 90180F38 to 9018126C
    US: 90180F08 to 9018123C
    PAL: 9018F128 to 9018F45C

Q: Some codes don't work well, they crash the game when I do certain things.

A: Like with most games, not all cheats work 100% of the time. Mind you, we do things originally not intended to be done in the game. If we add a certain functionality, there is always a chance for something to break, even probably causing it to glitch.

For example, the game only supports one Assist Trophy at a time. Using the multiple Assist Trophy code can crash the game, simply because the game was designed to just have one AT at a time. Using more might break the functionality of some, since the game might only reserve just one memory range for the ATs, or maybe because some rely on certain status changes.

Q: Can you port this code?

A: Go to the request board.

Q: Can I ever play as a boss character?

A: Yes, but it's extremely limited.

Basically, you can only play on their respective boss stage, and you are limited to a certain control type. That means you can't play as any boss character in regular versus mode, only when running that certain boss event.

Q: Can I ever play as a boss character outside of their respective stages?

A: Short answer: not a chance.

Long answer: not a chance in hell.

Too long to read answer: No, not a chance in hell. First of all you need to understand the mechanics of this game.

The only reason we aren't able to play as Super Sonic is because Super Sonic isn't a separate character, it's part of Sonic. While this isn't exactly true, the Super Sonic file is separate from the other Sonic files, Super Sonic doesn't have any references on the disc other than on Sonic himself. So in order to play as Super Sonic, you'll need to load Sonic first.

To a certain extent this also goes for the boss characters. In fact, the linkage goes beyond that of just requiring one file for the boss data. These characters are part of the stage itself. They're comparable to stage hazards. They are linked to their own stages.

Now they still are separated from the main stage file to a certain extent. Let me explain it this way.

Let's say that the stage files are packs of Big Red chewing gums. There are about five Big Red gums in one package, and to keep them from melting to each other or the main package, they're wrapped in wrapping.

Each gum represents part of the stage data, so let's say one gum is the actual stage while the other one is the boss character. Now let's say that there are just two types of gum, the gums in the golden wrapping (the boss characters) and the gums in the regular wrapping. On the golden wrapping is a code, but it must be decoded by the instructions in the regular wrapping.

So, basically you'll first have to unpack the Big Red chewing gum pack, then you'll have to unwrap a regular wrapping to read the instructions, then you'll need to unwrap the golden wrapping to read the code. Sure you can try to read the code on the golden wrapping without the instructions, but you'll just fail with that. You need the instructions.

And that's the same with boss data. In fact, it's even the same with the regular stage data, only difference is that we always read the stage data, so we won't really notice that there is a step in-between.

Basically you'll need to load up a stage in order to load up the boss character. Since it would then limit us to only get to play them on their stage, any code would probably not be worth it.

However, another problem is the fact that they are coded differently. They all seem to have more or less moves than regular characters. In fact, their moves aren't mapped. You can't even control them.

So, no, you will not be able to play as boss characters ever.

Q: Can I ever play as sandbag?

A: No. First of all, it's an item. Even in the Homerun Contest it's just an item. The only reason you get to read its damage is because the damage counter uses the internal damage counter of the sandbag.

Notice that when spawning an actual sandbag item, it will fly further the more you damage it. This also applies to the sandbag in the WiFi waiting room.

The only difference with both the HRC and WiFi waiting room sandbag is that they won't expire, and that they are linked to a certain "pointer" which keeps track of their position. The only reason the WiFi sandbag respawns is because it keeps track of whether or not it fell down to a certain point, most probably when it hit the bottom.

Q: Is it possible to play on the SSE stages?

A: No. To say it technical, the stages use a different game mode, and have different mechanics as a result.

Also, after file swapping the stages, I can now with certainty say that they will never work, since it will crash the game.

Q: Will there be any way to load different music or sound effects from the SD card?

A: Unfortunately, no.

Technically it IS possible, but it isn't possible without frying your SD card. The basic problem here is that at least the music gets streamed from the digital media carrier, in the current case, the DVD drive. I'm not sure about sound effects, but it could very well be the case. What this means is that it constantly reads from the media carrier. Now with DVDs this isn't a problem, they can be read as many times as possible for as long as possible, which is often required.

However, SD cards are a different thing. I'm not sure how it works, but each time you read and write to an SD card, you're wearing it out. It's pretty much the same with any device, the more you use it, the more it wears out, even with DVDs, but for SD cards, this goes way quicker than you think. So, unfortunately you won't be able to use your SD card for music and sound effects for your own protection.

Q: Will it be possible to use a USB drive to load music and / or sound effects?

A: Theoretically it could be possible, however, since there haven't been any serious attempts at it, we can be fairly sure that it won't happen anytime soon.
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