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Title: *READ ME* - Online Requests are NOT allowed
Post by: Arudo on June 16, 2011, 06:35:21 PM
Seeing as people still make requests in this capacity here is a bit of information regarding that:

Making Requests of the following will result in a temp-ban. Further infractions will lead to a perma-ban.
(Your posts/topics will then be locked or deleted.)

Non-host, Advantageous, or Disruptive Codes
Leaderboard hacks/Ban Evasion/ID Switching

This will include XP codes, Invincibility, Infinite Ammo, Super Weapons, Unlocking Perk weapons, Shoot through walls and other power codes that will give people some form of advantage against others in Online games.

Please note that most online games have stated that they will find ways to ban players that are caught cheating online, so DON'T do it.